A true friend: smart, wise, colorful and fun!

Very sad to hear!! 🙁 Raji was a true friend, I first met him at the newsroom at Reuters, we become pals and we played tennis a few times (a few avenue blocks from Reuters at Raji’s old apt building on 42nd street), went for drinks often and stayed in touch since.

I enjoyed his stories about his his diverse background and growing up, and of his dad, for example his dad I believe had met Nehru (India’s first Prime Minister) and had a signed photo of Nehru. Raji also had an unmatched passion for video technology. He introduced me to fantasy football, and made me super comfortable at my new job at Reuters, I remember so many funny chat conversations!

Most recently last year he connected me with some designers in Japan on an important project just as a favor. He was so wise, smart, colorful and fun. I can’t believe this and I will miss him!!!

I’ve attached one of the last exchanges I had with him: plenty beers and whiskey next time we meet indeed my good friend!!! Rest in peace!!! 🙁❤️


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