The other side of the fence. . . so many adventures awaited

The other side of the fence. . .  so many adventures awaited 

Oh gosh where to begin what story to tell.  I have many vivid memories growing up with Raji.  We did everything kids do. 

Like many of you who knew him and spent any amount of time with him, you could easily turn a single encounter into a chapter of an adventure book. An intellectual debate of a scene from Pulp Fiction could last hours between Raji and Adam Cohen of course.  He could launch into a diatribe with such eloquence he could pause a narcissist with admiration.   A torrent of memories raced through my mind all day after reading the sad news of our loss. Pausing on one in particular. A cold winter day, snow covered everything.  At the front of 3 Orlando Avenue  yelling at the top of my lungs “Raji hurry up let’s go!”  Raji charging out the front door slamming it behind him grabbing the red plastic sled with the yellow handles, the next moment we are flying down the rocky hill from the Lindsay’s house across the Fast’s front yard off the rock wall plummeting down what felt like a ten foot drop on our rear ends hoping to miss landing on a rock below.  Such an insignificant day in most others perspectives but it was a happy care free moment in time I shared with him amongst many others that I’ll cherish forever.   This is a picture I have of Raji, the little happy kid that was always a big part of who he was inside and how I will always remember him. I also learned today speaking with his brother Ravi, that Raji was on a religious path of his Jewish heritage welcoming and getting to know God in his Life and was recently bar mitzvah.  Rest well my friend. 


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