You Will Be Missed

I met Raji when we were very young and were friends and classmates through High School. Even though we weren’t best friends, our friendship met a lot to me and I loved spending time with him.

We sat next to each other in orchestra and did several after school activities together. We had so many silly inside jokes as kids and we still remembered them as we got older and they would get a laugh every time. Raji loved to laugh and inspired cheer in everyone around him, it was one of his superpowers. I think people loved being around Raji because he was so authentic, and who he was was an empathetic, fun-loving, interesting, curious, honest human.

I’ll miss my friend Raji and my heart goes out to his friends and family. So sorry for your loss and may his memory be a blessing to everyone who loved him.

With love,


Submitted by Scott Shulman.






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