I will miss you Raji

Everyone who has ever met Raji has a Raji story and I count myself as one of the fortunate few to have a few Raji stories. I first met Raji in a server closet at Reuters trying to hire him to come be our SE for the company. I knew in a instant I was talking to genius…or the SAN whisperer as he called himself…on M and E workflows. We were a young company that had a lot of young people who were all well known in the industry and these folks and Raji were like rockstars who knew everyone and everyone loved and Raji’s involvement with that company was one, if not the major reason we had such a great run. I will always smile to myself when I think of Raji as he always beat to his own drum but was also always a friend who I will miss deeply. RIP the Original San Whisperer you will never be forgotten.

Submitted by Seth.






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