Joshua Barry

Raji became a good friend over the last few years. He was a funny guy with just enough NY moxy to make you laugh while telling you how much better you looked when you first met. We often spoke baseball and his dream was to have Ohtani join the Mets. I hope this happens so I can think of Raji during every Ohtani at bat.

Paul Phillips

A unique & brilliant person lost to us all, but especially to you, his family. All my love & best thoughts.

Glatter Family

Sincerest condolences from all of us. Raji was a unique person, always fun to be with, and will be deeply missed. Z”L.
Josh, Denise, Daphne, & Eliza.

Reona Yanagishita

Forever my best friend.

Tomoko Yanagishita

I would like to offer my condolences for the loss of your Raji. Raji was very kind, gentle and wonderful to me. My husband and I watched baseball and went out to dinner with Raji and he was very cheerful and a great friend. I will really miss him and always cherish the memories of him.

James Moynihan

Our deepest sympathy and condolences on the passing of Raji. Raji was the best of the best, bar none. My wife Hiroko and myself 1st met Raji in 2016 playing tennis in Tokyo. We became best of friends and thoroughly enjoyed playing tennis, numerous Yakult Swallows games at Jingu Stadium, and breaking bread together on numerous occasions. Hiroko and I returned to Vienna, Virginia, one year ago. Raji and I continued to be almost in daily communication whenever the Swallows were playing. Raji’s passing at such a young age shocked and saddened us tremendously. Our deepest condolences and sympathies to all of you on the passing of such a fine, loving and entertaining person as was Raji. May the Good Lord bless and watch over Raji Sama and all of you.

James and Hiroko Moynihan Vienna, Virginia USA

Ryota Kawanishi

I really miss you Raji-san. Traveling to Okinawa last year with you was a wonderful fun time.

Motoki Orikasa

Thinking of you during this difficult time…

Takehiro Sato

I miss you.

Artemis Watts DiBenedetto

I’m so deeply sorry for your loss. It’s inspiring to read about your brother and son’s life, which sounds so full and exciting. He lived the way we should all live—making connections and loving others. Wishing you all peace through this awful time.

Gen Narita

I had a really great time with you. Rest In Peace.

Utkarsh Gosain

My heartfelt condolence on Raji’s sudden departure. We met for a brief moment and became good friends and we discuss everything from the past, present and future regarding topics like Hinjew; India; US; Japan; New York food, sports, baseball; dating; kite surfing and broadcast media.

Keiji Furukawa

Thank you for the good memories.

Maxime Tremblay

My most sincere condolence to the family. Raji, my friend, I know you have fun over there.

Nick Olsen

The Nomad

The nomad, the foraging soul, the seasonal traveler and trader merchant represents who we are in our life path

The nomad brings a special set of skills to not only thrive in their market speaking local languages understanding regional customs

The nomad that exemplifies these special qualities bring a tale of stories to share, ways to transact business are the embodiment of a richer man

The nomad, a true nomad, whom I will honor today may have passed but will forever be the legend and the many stories we all have heard and witnessed

Your legacy lives large in our hearts

Akifumi Sekiguchi

I am shocked by the unexpected news of Raj’s passing. My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and everyone in your company. Rest in peace.

Yew-jin Cheong

My sincere condolences for your loss. Raji was a valued colleague and good friend. He is sorely missed by everyone who knew him in Japan and throughout Asia.






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