The Stories I Can Print

Hey man,

Remember that time we had to rescue a compromised server from a chicken coop in Tom’s River New Jersey next to a garage full of combustibles? The jabronis running the operation didn’t want to let you use their toilet so they told you to go pee on a tree in the yard. And that is one of the more polite stories from our sordid youth.

From late nights playing Marathon 2; to later nights at limelight, tunnel, twilo, save the robots, and who knows where else; to founding kageki; raves in the Tokyo done; the only game of the 2000 subway series those bums the Mets won; road-trips to the outer banks; testing our chemical limits; and downing more sake than can fit in a pool… it was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

Raji, I’m sorry our friendship ended on bad terms, but I feel fortunate that we had a friendship at all.

vaya con dios,


Submitted by Brian McConnell.





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