He loves the Yakult Swallows in Tokyo

Dear all

Still, I cannot believe that. Really hard for me to understand correctly.


I love this picture. He really loves the Yakult Swallows at Tokyo Japan. Anytime he wants to go to the Swallows game in Jingu.

Unfortunately, this year the Swallows lost the Japan Series game. Absolutely that is really shocking new to him, I know. but Hey Raji, where are you now? Please text me back quickly.  Really hard to wait your reply.

I know that Raji loves Mets too, but please come back to Tokyo quickly. We are waiting for you!

I really love your PASSION TO BASEBALL to the Yakult Swallows.

Talk to you soon.

Your best Co-Worker in Japan  and friend

Reona Yanagishita.


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