Raji’s magic

There was a time when I worked very closely with him, though for a short period of time. I cannot help but be surprised at this sudden sad news.

I have many memories of him, but I will never forget the days when we hit it off to go to “Yufuin”, a famous hot spring resort, between jobs in Kyushu, Japan, and he and I spent time together as if we were real brothers. To me, he was like a (slightly eccentric, but not hateful) little brother.

The photo I uploaded was taken in 2015, when we took a rickshaw ride in the Yufuin area in February when it was still cold. And the photo when he is dressed in a “yukata”.

His jovial personality and carefree smile were like magic, attracting any person to any occasion.

Rest in peace, Raji.

Takuya Yabe

Onsen-Yado-1.png Rickshaw-0.png

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