Murakami hits 2 homers tonight

Hey, Raj. One of your favorite Swallows player Murakami hit two homers today.

Raj, you and I drank beer in Tokyo, the US, Holland, and many other places, but I never thought you started beer at TGI Friday’s in heaven now.
I haven’t shown you the picture of you dressed up as a cop for Halloween fun yet, but you look pretty cool in it.
I can see myself in your sunglasses having a good time, can’t you?

You were my business partner, my rival, my bad friend who took me out to the bar every week even though I have a 6 year old and a 1 year old kids, and my dear brother with whom I shared joys and sorrows.

When I first met you, you were not yet able to speak Japanese and we chatted in English.
However, you soon learned to use hiragana and katakana, and recently you even used kanji so well that you could be mistaken for a Japanese person.
You have been working hard in Korea as well, so I am sure you can use Korean as well.

I am sure that you have been learning more and more languages because you love people and want to communicate with them as much as possible.

Like the iron on a magnet, the people Raj has touched are also connected to each other.
I am sure that Raj’s friends will continue to connect with each other in the future.


The seeds you have sown so far will bloom blue flowers like the Mets and Swallows all over the world.
And you can watch it with pleasure from the sky.

If you find a new good bar in heaven, chat with me as always.




Submitted by Yu Ishikawa.







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