Dansu Raji

Raji, I can’t remember exactly how or where we met in Tokyo, but I am pretty sure it was in a nightclub. We became friends instantly, you were cool as heck and easygoing, funny, and always up for an adventure. Tokyo could be a really lonely place, and I always felt cool calling you for – sushi, tech help, or to blow off steam at a club.

Mostly we were dancing buddies – always on the lookout for the next cool DJ or party. From Yellow to Liquid Room to obscure back-alley bars that we’d rent for our monthly DJ night Brown Sugar. You supported our parties, and I can’t count the number of nights we danced or the number of sunrises we’d spend walking to the nearest subway station after a night out. On a few occasions, you insisted on a visit to the tarp-covered street izakayas to make sure I had some food in me before going home.  

From Tokyo, I was also lucky to know you in NYC where you helped me find my dancing feet, introduced me to your awesome brother Ravi and set up our servers when we started a company.   

You will be missed by so many I am sure. My thoughts and love for your family. May you Rest In Peace, I’ll dance for you when I go to Tokyo next year.  

Judy xx

(p.s. my photos of Japan are all in storage, I found this one online that felt reminiscent of our Tokyo nights). 


Submitted by Judy Wellfare.



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