My friendship with Raji

Dear Ravi and Hari,

I first met Raji in Tokyo circa Year 2016.   We played tennis together.  Raji was introduced to me by Clay ADLER who was the Consul General at the US Embassy/Tokyo at that time.   Clay was also a member of our tennis group.   Raji and myself are both big baseball fans and we did many baseball games at Meiji Jingu Stadium supporting the Yakult Swallows.   Raji was a frequent visitor to the Moynihan residence in Tokyo.  We shared many meals, laughs, and stories.   We were two pease from the same pod, so to speak, despite my being 26 years older than Raji.  I returned to the USA in September/2021.   Raji and I remained in frequent contact particularly early in the morning for me when Raji was attending Swallow games at Jingu Stadium in the evening hours in Tokyo.

Raji was hilarious and a most entertaining fellow to hang out with.  His death is shocker -a devastating.   I sent Raji a text message on 10/31/22 to confirm if arrived safely in Seoul and told him to stay away from Itaewon b/c of the hug number of people who were trampled to death there celebrating Halloween.  Raji confirmed he arrived safe in Seoul, would avoid the Itaewon area, and was still licking his wounds from the Swallows losing to Orix in Game #7 of the Japan Series on 10/30/22.   I am shattered and devastated by his passing.

May Raji have eternal happiness in heaven.  My deepest sympathy to all of thre members of Raji’s family on his sudden and most unexpected passing on 11/1/222 at Seoul, Republic of Korea.


Deepest sympathy


James and Hiroko Moynihan

Vienna, Virginia


Submitted by James Moynihan.







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