I will miss you, my friend

I met you at Shahrod’s house in Tokyo and we became close friends. We even had friends in common back in New York and DC, including my brother-in-law Sean. You introduced me to your friends in Tokyo and Mumbai and I did the same and now we have many friends in common. In Tokyo, we ate ramen and sushi and Korean barbeque and had many delicious meals together. We went to the Womb and other clubs and music events whenever we could. In Mumbai, we ate dosas and other South Indian food. I invited you to play tennis at my building on the compound in Tokyo with Jim and you became a regular even after I left Japan. We talked about sports and politics and music and books and movies and it was never boring. We co-captained our fantasy football team and won the first year we played. I still owe you dinner for that win. We were going to go up to the mountains for a ski-snowboard trip this winter when I finally made it back to Japan. We celebrated the Jewish holidays together at the Chabad in Tokyo, and you told me about growing up in an Jewish-Indian household in New York. You were one of the few people who understood me, and I understood you too. I will sorely miss you, my friend. I know many other people around the world will too…


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