Good times in Tokyo

Hey dude. Why so fast? 🙂 I looked into my photo album and cannot believe it, but couldn’t find a photo of you in it. Why don’t I have a photo of you while I clearly remember the days I spent with you in Tokyo?
One day a friend from my college time part-time job called me and told me that she met a guy from NY and needs help since she doesn’t speak much English. So we decide to meet at Yoyogi Park in Harajuku and there you were, standing wearing a white cap, and white shirt in a bit fat jeans, with a huge backpack which I learn later carries a huge black mac book from that time. Back then, I didn’t know that I will be spending the most time with you for the next couple of years. It was more than 20 years ago, I was 22 and you were 21. You introduced me to the company that you were working for and we ended up working together. We often wander out to nightclubs and the elder generation people like Jiro and Mi-ne would take care of us. I picked you up at your apartment so many times on my motorcycle and head out to meet friends. You were constantly talking about the girl you were trying to date. Some how, you always had the hook ups and took me to the best dinings in Tokyo. You took me to NY on a business trip and we went to North Carolina from there to your family’s beach house. After you went back to NY you would come back to Tokyo from time to time, and crash at my place when you did. Even though we both left the first company that we worked for we worked on a project together and you gave me some freelance work.
I remember you well bro, and I don’t think I will forget.

Submitted by Ryu Maeda.






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