Thanksgiving with Raji

As was said over and over in the memorial service, Raji loved food–whether taking people to his favorite restaurants, cooking, or just sharing a meal. I also heard a number of people mention Thanksgiving with Raji. I still remember one of my earliest “adult” Thanksgiving dinners was at his awesome apartment in Dumbo, back when Dumbo was still new and up and coming. Raji had the jcwahoos over with his family and some friends for a typical Thanksgiving feast.  I remember lots of video games played on bean bags and an after meal food coma. I remember I brought garlic mashed potatoes, which were loaded with raw garlic, and were just about inedible–though everyone was very polite. Raji, I believe was in charge of the Turkey. Here are some photos of us at Thanksgiving, this is probably around 1999.

RajisCrib-copy-2.jpg Turkey-Dinner-copy-1.jpg Turkey-Krishnaswami3-copy-2-0.jpg

Submitted by John Shanchuk.





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