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  • Godzilla and お好み焼き

    Godzilla and お好み焼き

    I’m one of the lucky ones. My wife and I got to meet Raji when we were in Tokyo in 2019. He was like bottled energy. Fun, polite, generous, and with a great sense of humor. We visited Godzilla and waited in a nice café. Then we went to an Okonomiyaki place for our first…

  • Thanksgiving with Raji

    Thanksgiving with Raji

    As was said over and over in the memorial service, Raji loved food–whether taking people to his favorite restaurants, cooking, or just sharing a meal. I also heard a number of people mention Thanksgiving with Raji. I still remember one of my earliest “adult” Thanksgiving dinners was at his awesome apartment in Dumbo, back when…

  • started as a colleague – became a friend

    started as a colleague – became a friend

    Hey Raji, we met for the first time in May 2018. You had just started with us and I came to Tokyo on a business trip. Right at the start you broke the leg in your bathroom and had to hold out with crutches and painkillers. What a start. You can also see that in…

  • A photo

    A photo

    Raj and Rav after all you can eat sushi, Tokyo, 2000 ,