started as a colleague – became a friend

Hey Raji,

we met for the first time in May 2018. You had just started with us and I came to Tokyo on a business trip. Right at the start you broke the leg in your bathroom and had to hold out with crutches and painkillers.
What a start.

You can also see that in the one photo. May 2018.

From then on we have had a lot to do with each other. At the beginning only professionally but that expanded pretty quickly to many private conversations and messages. The times in Tokyo and Korea with you are unforgettable.

Asso many of your friends write, you are an incredibly great host, friend and person. It will be hard for me without you on my next visit to Tokyo. There will be many places, The Womb, many restaurants, Makuhari Messe 🙂 which remind me of you.

The other photos were taken in Seoul, November 2019.

Besides the business side, you helped me through a hard time back then.
This will also remain unforgotten!

It’s a pity that we didn’t make it for you to meet my family and girlfriend when you were in Hannover this September. They would have liked you very much, I am sure.

The next gin tonic (with Japanese gin, you brought it to Hannover, of course), that´s for sure,  I will have in memory of you.

Raji_Seoul_2-2.jpg Raji_Seoul_1-1.jpg Raji_and_me_Photron-0.jpg

Submitted by Timo.



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