We all have a story about 羅時 Raji דוד

  • He loves the Yakult Swallows in Tokyo

    He loves the Yakult Swallows in Tokyo

    Dear all Still, I cannot believe that. Really hard for me to understand correctly.   I love this picture. He really loves the Yakult Swallows at Tokyo Japan. Anytime he wants to go to the Swallows game in Jingu. Unfortunately, this year the Swallows lost the Japan Series game. Absolutely that is really shocking new…

  • A true friend: smart, wise, colorful and fun!

    A true friend: smart, wise, colorful and fun!

    Very sad to hear!!  Raji was a true friend, I first met him at the newsroom at Reuters, we become pals and we played tennis a few times (a few avenue blocks from Reuters at Raji’s old apt building on 42nd street), went for drinks often and stayed in touch since. I enjoyed his stories…

  • That time he kidnapped me

    That time he kidnapped me

    When I got engaged to Julie, Raji went all out on a planning a bachelor party. Along with Hari and a couple other friends I was kidnapped and flown down to Miami to go to a few spring training games and hang out. I’ll never forget him heckling former Met Jason Insringhausen at one of…

  • The Tunnel

    The Tunnel

    I wrote this poem after what I will always remember to be one of the best nights of my life, and it was all because of Raj… (A kick-boxing Johnny Rotten slipped it into my pocket during a warm embrace. It didn’t stay there long.) On a Saturday night, green country hills, seven hours away,…

  • A photo

    A photo

    Raj and Rav after all you can eat sushi, Tokyo, 2000 ,